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RCG Travel Hurling

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Happy 4th to you all. This time next month we will be heading to the MW in Cleveland.

We have a very busy July with 3 games. Please please do your best to make the commitment to both games and especially practice.

The club & our team travel fund will be able to offset some expenses from both MW & Nationals travel costs

Our Team goals are as follows:

  1. Play with solid individual fundamentals

  2. Play "in" the game not "watching " the game, when on the field

  3. On defense - high press , pressure, pressure. Anticipating where you need to be. Either man or ball gets by you but noth both.

  4. On attack, take your shots, use your body strength, anticipate

  5. Support play - move to make it easier for player under pressure. Short /long

  6. The player without ball has to work the hardest

  7. Have fun and leave it all on the field - no regrets

The team is based on our solid squad and not who is on the field at that moment. You all have a contribution to make.

We will evolve our plan for games as we get closer. When we get to MW, I expect us to have 3 games so we need you all fresh & ready

Enjoy the break and I'm really excited by your growth. You know what to do. Let's execute

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