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RCG Travel Hurling

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3 trainings left before cleveland.

Schedule for cleveland

11:00 Akron v cleveland d hurling

12:30 : cleveland football v Detroit

Eric Cooper
Ryan Loysen
Sean Dinneen
Shawn Milligan


Heyyooo, I booked a room here for Jun 21-23. $95 a night. Super close to the pitch and the after party. My wife and I will be leaving the Roc by noonish or so on Friday. I'm taking a half day.

Chris Cooper
Shawn Milligan

Pitch location for June 22:

8559 jennings road, olmsted township, ohio 44138

Hotels suggested by Cleveland and Milly:

Hampton Inn in Westlake, OH

Holiday Inn in Westlake, OH

Chris Cooper

Hey guys, Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, this coming week we have training Wednesday starting normal times. and on Saturday we have our next game against Buffalo. please confirm directly that your coming,

Saturday June 1st we will again be playing at East Rochester High School games as follows.

12:00 Ladies Gaelic

1:30 Mens Football

3 Mens Hurling



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