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RCG Travel Hurling

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Travel Hurling Schedule

4/29. Albany & Rockland in Albany area - Frienlied

6/3: Possibly Jersey Shore @ Rochrster. We need to discuss and see if too much

6/10. League game 1: @ Albany

6/17. Buffalo @ Rochester

7/15. League game 2 Cleveland @ Rochester

7/22. League game 3 play Akron in Buffalo and league game 4 play Buffalo in Buffalo

The 6/17 game is an official but they only count 4 games to league standing . There will be a league champion separate from the MW weekend

So our league play is mostly home based with one league trip to Albany

We need to decide on 6/3 and see if too much

8/4 & 5 MW in Cleveland

8/18 Nationals if our board approves

I will develop an availability sheet. Please review your schedules. Some big date's here so we need to get ready


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