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RCG Travel Hurling

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A few reminders / information

League Play:

We play 5 league games where 4 of them will count to league points. There will be a league winner and a trophy. My goal for our team is to win the League.

Our 5 games are 6/10, 6/17, 7/15 and two on 7/22.

Midwest ( in Cleveland 8/5 & 6) - travel Friday evening.

Akron and Rochester are the only teams in Jr. C. We will be playing Akron for Jr. C champion.

There will be a Jr. D running in parallel. The current thought is that the winner of Jr D will play the winner of Jr C, with the winner playing Pittsburgh (Jr B) for the MW championship

Our two goals here are beating Akron for JrC champion and winning the MW championship

Nationals ( In Denver 8/18 ,19 & 20). Travel 8/17 (Thursday) back 8/20 ( Sunday evening) it's a knockout based finals weekend.

Roc & Akron have registered to go. The winner of MW JrC is guaranteed. It's up to the USGAA to accept/reject the other team. Most likely based on overall schedule. We need to beat Akron to guarantee our place. So MW success is critical

I will be talking to you individually about Nationals. Please revisit your personal schedules. We have added the Denver weekend to the calendar on the FIT app. Please sign up there too.

We have a tremendous opportunity to build on past few years and create additional success. This will be a transformative year and I need you all pushing as hard as you can.

I have outlined our goals above and I'm hoping I'm fully aligned with your goals for this year. We can't wish success but need to work our butts off for it.

Yesterday was a great example of what we need to do. The rest of the way I hope to see attendance in the 20s. Yes it requires commitment and effort from all of us

Lastly we have made great progress in fundraising to support travel costs. Details to follow on this later



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