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RCG Travel Hurling

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Hope everyone got home safe and everyone is game healthy.

Please use this app (schedule) to confirm upcoming attendance at practice & games.

This week:

Wednesday 5:30

Saturday 9am

Made the heart fill with joy to see you ALL give it your best yesterday.

We experimented a bit

I want to single out Kevin for his running off the ball. This is what we are trying to get to. Always thinking where do I need to be for the next ball

It was equally nice to see the new players get great experience and the passion to drive on.

Very proud of every one of you

Thanks so much

Practice Practice Practice

Mikey Sheedy coming in for the May 13th session

His uncle (Liam Sheedy) is the famous Tipp manager and TV pundit

Have a nice recovery day

Chris Cooper
Shawn Milligan
Ryan Loysen


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