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RCG Travel Hurling

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MW Schedule as it pertains to Roc

Saturday 8/5

9:30 Fotty QF Roc v Syr (field 1)

11:00 Hurling Jr. C final Roc v Akron (field 2)

2:00 Fotty SF Roc/Syr v Albany (F1)

3:30 Hurling Jr SF Roc/Akr v Cleveland (F2)

Sunday. 8/6

8:30. Fotty Jr D Final

10:00 Hurling Jr Final Roc/Akr/Cle v Pit

1:00 looking to have all star H v Pit

Our goal is to progress all the way. Beating Akr gets us to Nationals, however I want us to go as far as possible

I am in discussions with Nev, as to helping the 9:30 game. We all agree that the focus of the Hurling Squad is now Hurting the rest of the way


Shawn Milligan


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