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RCG Travel Hurling

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We are now transitioning to focus on our travel hurling season

First thank you so much for registering with the club and most jumped on this right away. This greatly reduced my job as your Treasurer and is greatly appreciated.

Indoor and wall ball (one more session this Sunday) have seen tremendous improvements as well the addition of our new players

The teams that we will be competing against are practicing twice a week. This year I would like for us to do the same especially through April & May

We will be continuing with our Wednesdays but will be trying to add weekends to so all players can attend

We can only develop as a team if we practice as a team. We cannot build a team strategy with 10 coming to practice. My ask and especially with high expectations this year is that you make a commitment for the next 4.5 months.

We will be communicating a full plan in the next few days

So please mentally please start getting ready and I'm really excited about our internal depth this year. Internal competition will make us better . Additionally when you look at teams in Ireland and elsewhere you will see that it takes a squad to be successful. Look at Limerick, they are totally dependent on players coming off the bench and refer to them as "the finishers". So we need a very deep squad to train together and to be successful

More to follow next week


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