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RCG Travel Hurling

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Let's wish Rob Green a very speedy recovery. He was hurt pretty bad in the last game with ribs and a hurt lung. Rob we are all thinking about you

A huge congratulations to you all. We set goals in the Fall and you have delivered on all of them. Three trophies and we now have a new goal to win some games at Nationals

We are sending a very strong squad.

I want to single out Brendan Rozek who is going to drive. His fear of flight won't stop him. That's commitment.

That's what I love about this team. And that's the reason for our success.

Flight booking is in process and will update details early this week.

I have set up your room bookings .

The goal will be to keep your out of pocket costs under $250.


Flights are tracking higher but we are still ok, I think.

Shawn Milligan
Cordell Cordaro
Michael Hall


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