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Hi All

Draw for mid west finals has been made. Sat 5th at 9.30am we play Syracuse. The winner of that plays Albany in the semi final later that day (will be at either 2pm or 3.30pm). The winner of that plays Cincinnati or Pittsburgh Sunday

I need to know this week who's committed to going and playing. We will need to travel down Friday and stay in hotel fri & sat. There will be financials around this covered - more details later this week. I will need to know who's willing to share rooms with who, who's carpooling etc etc

So far going are

Sean dineen







Kevin T

We must have at minimum 13 otherwise we forfeit and the clubs incurs a big fine. We have 8 right now. Need some urgency around this please fellas so please go in and book so I know who we have.


  • Josh Langlois
    Gary Hannon
    Joe Thompson
    Ryan Loysen


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