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Hey all!! Couple notes for this weekend

  • do not pay the entry fee at the pitch Saturday, the club is covering it

  • For those staying at the Sheraton the address is 4181 W 150th St

  • for those staying at the radisson the address is 25070 Country Club Blvd

  • If you do not have somewhere booked to sleep or if your room is a little crowded let me know as we have some space in the above rooms

  • The pitch is located 30551 Bradley rd, north olmsted, OH 44070

  • Please be at the pitch and in your gear ready to warm up by 8.30

  • Drink plenty of water over the next 2 days

  • Please eat healthy!

  • No subs as of right now so please do a lot of calf, quad, hamstring and hip stretching

Joe Thompson
Ryan Loysen


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