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Good evening all!

Just off our coaches meeting with the 2 mikes and we have been going through the team for this saturday! We are waiting on a few more players to get back to us and to discuss if some hurlers can be subs. We currently are at 13 so we need subs so that we can give u 5 mins to breath stretch and hydrate before kicking you back in!!

I will be away for a lot of the training I apologize, Ava is getting a recognition award at school tomorrow and doesn't know it, but I will be racing over once done and will go through the team strategy for saturday, can go through some key individual skills to know for the positions each of you will be playing. Please try and all be there. Joe and Z will be taking the session until I get there. I will be giving them drills I want done so please be ready and engaged!

See you tomorrow!


Josh Langlois
Scott Fry
Joe Thompson


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