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Hey all, anyone looking to offload a car that's worth under 10k? I have a friend looking and In need to buy this week. Lemme know

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    Alexandra Lawler

    Hi everyone,

    I'm willing to facilitate a ladies only practice tonight if anyone is interested. We can do football and/or camogie. Whatever the majority prefer.

    Also, end of year party is this Sunday. We are doing pictures, awards, and Scott and I are cooking chicken. Hope you can come!


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    Who would be able to play against New Hartford women in Albany on 10/14

    • 0%yes, i can attend

    • 0%no, im not available

  • Passing on the message about the Pittsburgh tournament cancellation:

    Just following up on a recent email about our ladies camogie and football tournament which was scheduled for October 14th. We have decided to postpone this until May/June next year, we tried our hardest to make this happen but unfortunately we do not have enough numbers at this time. I will make everyone aware of the new date once it is confirmed. I hope everyone has a great off season and look forward to a great tournament next year. 

    Kind Regards,


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