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RCG Travel Hurling

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Hi All

Great to see so many interested in our Travel Hurling Group

We are expecting to have a very successful year and build on 2022

As we get ready for 2023 I have 2 challenges

  1. Please try and get to wall ball on Sundays 9am Athletic Complex and practice at home. The coaches are seeing great improvement from those attending regularly.

  2. We now need to start on our fitness ( stamina, speed & strength). Starting this week we are looking for each player to (a) send in their time for a 2 mile run (b) average distance covered in 60s . Sprint 60 s 1 min break. Repeat 5 times. 10 min total elapsed time. Average distance from the 5 sprints. Please dm your results for both by this Friday.

  3. Your personal ownership of this will reflect your commitment to the team and the success of the team. You can Group up or do as individuals. Results by this Friday 8pm

  4. thanks

Chris Cooper


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