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To wrap up our trip to Nationals I want to sincerely thank you for the effort from both your playing and more importantly watching higher level teams play. We can talk about stuff, show you pictures & videos, but there is no substitute to watching first hand. For example I saw the awe on your faces when that Tipp guy received a rocked cross field pass and controlled it on his Hurley and literally redirected it over the bar from 50 yds out.

You trying to implement the movement and positioning in our last game showed you took great notes. Remember the smoothness and effortlessness of striking that you witnessed from the senior & intermediate games. Remember the puck out and possession first strategies . Keep these with you and practice. Lastly note the fitness of these players.

Build on this as you grow and go forward

Thanks for a great season where we ended with a 6W- 1T-2L season and 3 trophies. Great year for team & club

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