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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that I'll run some ladies only practice tmrw night. We can do camogie and football if we want. I'll bring extra camogie equipment to use. Hope to see you at the field! -Bridget

  • Nicole Benedict

    Hey all, quite a few of us are planning to meet at this coming Wednesday practice at Aardvark Park to play some Gaelic football and Bridget agreed to teach all of us some skills and basics of Camogie. Hope you can all join!!

  • Bridget Herrmann
    Amy Thompson
    Amy Dirker

    Hi All!

    Reminder that the Sunday Funday is this weekend. There will be a football match so please try to turn up if you can and get some reps in! If you intend to go to Syracuse this sat and have not registered please do today so that Syracuse can finalize teams


  • Is anyone else interested in joining the few of us that are already planning to go to this tournament? So far Lily, Bridget, Christina, Mel, and myself are definitely going. I'm reaching out to Pittsburg today to get more info on cost to play and hotels. Let me know or comment if you want to join!

  • Hi guys! Is the training tonight indoor for football too?

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